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Beatdat is the ultimate platform for users to showcase their skills, creativity, and uniqueness through engaging short video challenges. With a diverse range of challenges and a vibrant community of users, Beatdat offers an exciting space for individuals to compete, collaborate, and connect like never before. Dive into a world of endless possibilities, where every challenge is an opportunity to showcase your talent, connect with others, and embark on exciting journeys of self-expression.


Features you love

Join New Challenges

Users can browse through a variety of challenges across different categories such as dance, comedy, cooking, fitness, art, and more. They can join challenges that pique their interest.

Leaderboards and Rewards

Beatdat tracks users' performance and displays leaderboards showcasing top performers in each challenge category. Users can earn badges, rewards, and recognition for their achievements, motivating them to participate actively and strive for excellence.

Social Sharing

Users can share their challenge entries, achievements, and favorite videos across various social media platforms, expanding their reach and showcasing their talent to a wider audience.

Community Engagement

Beatdat fosters a supportive and inclusive community where users can interact and collaborate on challenges. Users can follow each other and build connections with like-minded individuals passionate about creativity and self-expression.

Customization and Personalization

The app allows users to customize their profiles, explore personalized challenge recommendations based on their interests and preferences, and receive notifications for new challenges, updates, and community events.

Safety and Moderation

Beatdat prioritizes user safety and content moderation, implementing measures to prevent inappropriate or harmful content. Users can report and flag content that violates community guidelines, ensuring a positive and secure environment for all participants.


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Beatdat invites you to embrace your uniqueness, share your talents, and join a community that celebrates the beauty of self-expression. So what are you waiting for? Download Beatdat today and unleash your creativity like never before.